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Whatever your work environment, it is likely to have some indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. We spend more time at work than at home and bad air quality and poor cleanliness can go unnoticed even in the simplest office buildings, causing us significant harm. Add to this the sealing of indoor spaces with climatic control and lack of deep cleaning in vents, and the result is those contaminants never go away. ReSPR is the best solution for creating indoor air, nature’s way, and a crucial step towards a healthier workforce.

Removes up to 99.9% of surface & air pathogens
Reduces or eliminates mold, other harmful bacteria & VOCs
Refreshes indoor air naturally & safely
Counters imperfections in normal HVAC systems
Provides scalable solutions & low operating costs
Stops infection spreading & lowers staff absenteeism

For Happier Employees, Indoor Air Quality Needs to be Improved

People today spend 90% of their time indoors, and concerns over healthy working environments continue to grow. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) always sounds so dramatic and remote, but the reality is often much closer to us than we realize. The spread of airtight buildings, which only partially renew the natural air, has shown in recent years the severity of a problem so far unnoticed. However, even in non-sealed workplaces, bad air can build up. In city areas with a high pollution level, outside air coming into the building is far from clean. Add to this dirt, dust, humidity, toxic gases, molds and stagnant waters inside, and a vicious circle of polluted air emerges. Safe, additional technology is needed to add to normal purification systems & to break the cycle.

The Problem Solved

ReSPR revolutionary space-station tested technology stands out for its ability to attack gases and bacterial threats proactively throughout the whole air purification chain. It uses up to 5 natural processes to actively recreate fresh, outdoor air conditions in an eco-friendly way. ReSPR technology has been proven to be more effective than chemical solutions at destroying harmful airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and fungal spores including norovirus, MRSA, E. coli, Streptococcus spp. It uses two types of ionization to reduce particles, and UV light and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen-based friendly oxidizers to reduce microbial contaminants and reduce odors. Moreover, it helps maintenance costs by preventing mildew growth in air circulation systems, resulting in healthier employees and happy facility managers.

ReSPR at Work

Continuous solutions with ReSPR’s fixed or portable products

There are real, immediate benefits brought by the simple addition of ReSPR to an air circulation system. Either ReSPR fixed units or portable products are installed daily in an increasing number of workplace environments, whether large sealed new-build or smaller, non-sealed spaces.

The ReSPR range is easily built into existing ventilation ducting, is visually unobtrusive & needs minimum maintenance. Induct units can be combined in different ways – from a single room or floor to whole building solutions. Plug and play units like the ReSPR 3001 work where there is no ducting or it’s less convenient to access (an older building for example).

The science: Independent tests show that ReSPR is green and energy efficient and treated air is 99.999% free of harmful microorganisms, circulating as fresh air. We give only positive results without significant installation downtime.

Case Studies

Banco Santander, New Corporate Office, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Banco Santander, New Corporate Office, Sao Paolo, Brazil

A leading global bank needs a world-beating working environment for its employees. Banco Santander turned to ReSPR to deliver at its offices in Brazil – including five district offices and a large new data center for 3,000 workers. Recognizing that traditional filtering isn’t everything, the bank’s project managers sought out the latest technology to control odor levels, keep a low microorganism count, reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity. ReSPR engineers worked closely with them at every stage on this large project on the Indoor Air Quality Management System, installing ReSPR technology fit for purpose:

400 ReSPR units were placed in the new building ventilation systems to support filtering plus plug & play units for smaller spaces: 40 small format protable units for Bathrooms & 10 ReSPR 3001 for restaurants.

Particularly important were the eco-friendly characteristics of the system. The units were also used to meet the requirements for LEED Credit 3.1 from the Green Building Council, which specifies improved air quality guidelines during construction.

Results: All project goals were met with odor control and very low CFU count in the different working environments. ReSPR was part of the team to win the SMACNA* Highlights of the Year Award in Brazil TWICE for the most advanced HVAC system.

* Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

Turk Telecom, Istanbul, Turkey

Turk Telecom, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s leading communications and convergence technologies company, Türk Telekom Group, have 13 million fixed line, 7 million broadband (wholesale) and 16 million mobile subscribers. The company sought to reduce absenteeism to 5% and improve air quality at its main call center facility. ReSPR Turkey provided a retrofitted Induct solution to air-handling units that could be installed in a record time (less than a day) in order to avoid any down time at the center. They equipped 2 floors with 16 x ReSPR 2500,1 x ReSPR 500 & 1 x ReSPR 125 units per floor. Each floor measured 4,200 m2 / 45,000ft3 with a ceiling height of 2.9m. 700 employees worked on each floor.

Results: Successful. Ambient odor was kept to a negligible minimum and employee absenteeism was down by almost 30%. Other benefits include the reduction of particles, improving air and comfort for all employees. Sick building syndrome symptoms (headaches, sneezing, etc.) have been greatly reduced.

BBVA Bank, National Branch Network, Spain

BBVA Bank, National Branch Network, Spain

BBVA, one of Spain’s leading banks, needed to freshen air inside its branches for customer and employee benefit, and sought a natural continuous solution rather than reliance on chemicals or scented air products that stimulate allergic reactions and create more harmful VOCs. This is a good example of a smaller scale portable solution working in more compact office environments at street level and with access to the general public, where work environment contaminants are constant. This long term contract foresees the installation of 5,000 ReSPR ReSPR 3001 units (portable standalone units) in a program running until 2016.

Results: This portable solution (rather than an in-built duct solution) was a popular, cost-effective option with managers. Less or no odors are noted, there is no mold & there is less employee absenteeism.