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Effective ventilation and removal of pathogens is essential, not just for food and highly-perishable products but also in most other industrial sectors. From large scale power plants or engineering assembly, through to pharmaceutical and nanotechnology, every company has to manage indoor air to achieve optimum results & stay safe. The need for proactive purification & odor reduction technology has never been higher than now, whether its particle removal for sensitive technology, spore-free surface requirements or even control of mildew in warehousing.

Removes up to 99.9% of surface & air pathogens
Proactively seeks out mold, harmful bacteria & VOCs
Eliminates odors safely, unlike traditional filters
Counters imperfections in normal HVAC systems
Provides scalable solutions & low operating costs
Stops infection spreading & lowers absenteeism

Good Indoor Quality Air Leads to Good Quality Products

It’s hard to think of a sector of industry that doesn’t need to manage air quality properly. Traditionally, indoor heating & ventilation system planners have always focused on passively filtering particles (and then only down to a certain size). However most do not think about actually cleansing the air or disinfecting contaminants or odor-causing gases. And even in the more advanced HVAC systems, bacteria, mold and other microorganisms can build up unchecked deep inside ducts.

This not only can affect production quality, but can also increase staff absenteeism and cause Sick Building Syndrome. Using expensive liquid cleansing chemicals can be dangerous and causes valuable production downtime. This doesn’t just apply to the most challenging, contaminating industries or to the most sensitive production areas either. It applies as well to the whole production & logistics chain, including storage, transport & wholesale distribution centers.

The Problem Solved

ReSPR’s revolutionary technology based on research by NASA provides the missing link in most HVAC systems: it stands out for its ability to attack gases and bacterial threats proactively throughout the whole air purification chain, using up to 5 natural processes to actively recreate fresh, outdoor air conditions in an eco-friendly way.

ReSPR has been proven to be more effective than chemical solutions at destroying harmful airborne and surface bacteria. It uses two types of ionization to proactively reduce particles more than normal filters, and UV light and a catalyst to create oxygen and hydrogen-based friendly oxidizers to reduce microbial contaminants and reduce odors (including inside HVAC ducting).

ReSPR at Work

Continuous solutions with ReSPR’s fixed or portable products

There are real, immediate benefits brought by the simple addition of ReSPR to an air circulation system. Either ReSPR fixed units or portable products are installed in food processors, high-tech or pharmaceuticals companies, manufacturing sites and their warehousing. Whether in light or heavy industry, ReSPR is working away 24 hours a day around the world.

It’s a simple and logical addition to any HVAC model: the ReSPR range is easily built into existing ventilation ducting, is visually unobtrusive & needs minimum maintenance. Induct units can be combined in different ways – from a single room or floor to whole building solutions. In high contaminant environments it can eliminate the need for active carbon filtering.

Plug and play units like the ReSPR 3001 work where there is no ducting or it’s less convenient to access (in an older building, for example).

Case Studies

Airbus, Production Facilities, Getafe, Spain

Airbus, Production Facilities, Getafe, Spain

As one of the two leading global airplane manufacturers, Airbus needs no introduction. Airbus wanted the best possible air handling units (AHUs) for its new HVAC system at a key production facility near Madrid, and sought a bespoke solution: in particular it wanted to guarantee clean, healthy air (free of VOCs), particle reduction & energy efficiency. The industrial size AHUs combined indirect gas-fired heating with magnetic refrigeration. ReSPR’s photo catalytic HVAC air purificaction units were installed before the filters on the output & return cycles. The main aim of the purifiers was to continuously disinfect the filters and humidifiers, preventing any biofilm build up impeding heating quality, and continually sanitizing filters and other components to increase performance and reduce maintenance.

Results: A successful partnership with their HVAC consultants has seen repeat orders for the same ReSPR-led solution across more Airbus facilities. Significantly, particle count is also reduced as the ReSPR technology helps aggregate particle size and there is no need for old-style carbon filters, eliminating extra replacement filter cost and the associated performance loss with their use.

ALK, European Pharmaceuticals

ALK, European Pharmaceuticals

ALK is the world’s largest maker of allergy immunotherapy products with headquarters in Denmark. At its Madrid ALK Abelló facility, AIK sought the best eco-friendly solution to maintain the high air quality and surface hygiene in laboratories & offices, without the need for expensive chemical cleansing solutions. 1 ReSPR 1250 & 2 ReSPR 2500 units with ReSPR technology were embedded seamlessly in existing HVAC system ducts.

Results: Ambient & surface microbial contamination was reduced even in an already very clean environment, as well as the reduction of chemicals odors. Micro organic CFUs remain below 50 and continuous disinfection takes place while reducing environmental impact and with lower operating and maintenance costs.

Bocar Automotive Parts, Mexico

Bocar Automotive Parts, Mexico

Bocar Automotive wished to reduce pathogens and contaminants in its installations.

Results: Microbiological tests were performed in a predetermined area to see the reduction that could be achieved with ReSPR 3001 purification equipment. Within 48 hours, virus, bacteria, fungi, spore and coliform propensity in an area of constant use was reduced by 80%.