Many farmers and food and beverage producers don't realize how much money could be saved by controlling pollutants and uncontrolled gases that affect their products. Whether it's flowersand vegetables in greenhouses, poultry and pig farms, or food and beverage manufacturing facilities, ReSPR uses all-natural processes. It goes to work best on organic gases like ethyleneand ammonia or fights and destroys mold, harmful bacteria and other volatile organic compounds.

  • Controls the emission of ethylene gas in closed enviroments.

  •  Eliminates up to 99.9% of surface and airborne pathogens.

  • Reduces or eliminates mold, other harmful bacteria, and VOCs.

  • You can double the shelf life of vegetables or plants NATURALLY.

  • Eliminates ammonia in livestock environments.

  • Increases product quality and yield, with higher profits.

This major beverage supplier wanted to take extra precautions against mold, yeast, and other bacterial contaminants in its ultra-hygienic facility. The company took care to keep their key production area with the best possible air quality, especially the filling lines, to allow them to fully meet the standards set by TCCC for this production area without all the inconvenience of having to spray hazardous chemicals in the production. Environments.

Located in multiple sites throughout Spain, ReSPR offers solutions not only for the final fill room but for the entire processing chain, including the sterile area of the laboratory, the water tank room, the filling lines and the transport room. of air. ReSPR can employ a full range of product solutions, from ReSPR modules with our technology that install easily into existing ductwork, to stand-alone portable units like ReSPR Flex, to ensure the right reach.

Result: All the prevention and disinfection objectives have been achieved without having to stop the production lines. Continuous disinfection is carried out while reducing environmental impact and with lower operating and maintenance costs. The reputation of an international brand is safe guarded in an ecological way.

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